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  • A second public hearing required on beer license for Monarch Social Cafe

A second public hearing required on beer license for Monarch Social Cafe

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The Huntingdon Beer Board approved a beer permit for Hillary Clifft doing business as Monarch Social Cafe to sell beer at retail for on premise consumption at an Oct. 4 public hearing. However, it will have to be voted on again due to an error in the name. No meeting had been set on Monday at press time.

No one spoke during the meeting or submitted a written statement of concern on the granting of the license.

The business is located at 19703 East Main Street. 

Vice Mayor John Sanders made the motion to pass the granting of the license with council member Kelly Eubanks seconding the motion. Voting for the motion in addition to Sanders and Eubanks were council members Carl Byars, Charles Hodges and Lori Nolen. Council member Will Atkins voted against the motion. Council member Andrew Maddox was absent.

The review process requires a review of the applicant by the Huntingdon Police Department. The Department Review was conducted by the Huntingdon Director of Public Safety and was noted by                          Director Walter Smothers that the information provided by the applicant had been verified as substantially true and correct and no information which which would adversely affect the applicant’s suitability for the issuance of a beer permit was noted.

Item II of the review process was conducted by Codes Enforcement Official Randy Crossett as to the business location meeting the requirements of the zoning regulations, standard codes, or separation from schools, churches and places of public gathering as defined in the Huntingdon Municipal Code who certified that the location would be an approved location. 

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