A good representative retiring

Rep. Curtis Halford has decided not to run again after serving 14 years in the state legislature representing the people of the 79th House District that includes Gibson County and parts of Carroll County.

He is chairman of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. He also serves  on several other committees as a member.

He has never done a lot of fancy big talk, but keeps his speeches and talks on a level that are understandable. His words have a genuine true ring to them. If he doesn’t know the answer to a question, he admits it, but  says he will certainly find out and get back with the person who wanted to know.

Some elected officials do a lot of jargon talk that means absolutely nothing. They use it as a means to steer away from the original question.

I have e-mailed him and talked with him a number of times when I needed an answer and he always responded.

As a person who has heard more that my share of double talk from politicians over the years, I appreciate a man of Halford’s caliber.

AS a person who knows farming, he has sponsored bills that assist the people who are responsible in keeping us well fed.

I have appreciated his taking care of Carroll and Gibson Counties over the last 14 years.

As it has been said previously: Thank you for looking and acting like a public servant should.

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