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A Dollar General Market store to locate in town of Hollow Rock

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The secret’s out



Hollow Rock Mayor Rob Woods disclosed a secret at the Aug. 16 meeting that he’s been keeping under his hat for several months.

The town has the promise of a Dollar General Market, a new and expanded store, that features lots of fresh produce and affordable meats. Recipes will be available with ingredients used from the store.There will be lots of savings along with more essentials, according to Dollar General Store’s Website.

“I apologize for keeping it a secret, but when it came out on Facebook I decided it was time to tell it,” he said. “I hope it will bring more revenue into the town. For 15 years the town has tried to get a grocery store.”

The new store will contain 12,486 square feet of space which is larger in size than most Dollar General stores. It will be located at the corner of Broad and Dodd Streets near Block City Pizza. 

The groundbreaking will take place on Sept. 15. Building will start the last of October with plans for it to be finished and opened by Christmas.

He said Bruceton’s Dollar General store will remain open.

Several people showed up concerning the Hollow Rock Community Center due to reports that the Center couldn’t be used by everyone. Actually, it’s a park and not a building.

However, city recorder Sharon Mann did research on the matter and found the deed which declared it was for general public use.

An agreement was found that said the property would be kept in a reasonable state of repair, and when it ceased to be used for the use of the general public or failed to be kept in a reasonable state of repair, the property would revert back to the Carroll County Board of Education.

The mayor said some grants could possibly be found to do some upgrades on it, like swing sets as well as other recreational equipment.

Named to the committee for the park were Eric McCauley, Ronnie Webb, Chris Webb, Wallace Cunningham, Ester Wilson and aldermen Casey Corder and Bobby Brotherton.

The mayor said the committee needs to meet and see want is wanted so the grants ccould be sought by the first of the year.

The city recorder did a presentation on municipal code violations. Several town properties with overgrown grass, weeds and vegetation along with rodents and snake infestation were discussed.

“I am starting on the ones that the town is receiving the most complaints on,” she said. “I have sent letters to each one. If they don’t clean it up, the city will clean it up, charge them and put a lien on the property.”

She added that she hoped the people with such property would see what could happen and start cleaning up.

The town has signed an agreement with engineers for a water project that will help increase the water pressure for the Dollar General Market store and Dodd St. residents.

The mayor said there have been some complaints about the water meters. However, citizens are not believed to be adding the figures correctly.

The Police Department had a busy month in August.

There was one accident with injuries, 25 cites for speeding, two cites for no proof of insurance, three cites for expired registration, one cite for handsfree violation, eight verbal warnings for speeding, one arrest for possession of Schedule VI drugs. There were a number of other assists by the Police Department.

The Fire Department was involved in nine calls and activities during August.

Vice Mayor Curt Lumley was absent.

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