A charge should be found that will stick

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These women who move some deadbeat man into their households should be charged as well as the boyfriend when he beats up her child while she is gone (generally to work to support him.) In some  instances the child dies from these injuries. These move-ins care nothing for the child.

Just was reading an e-mail that I received from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation about such a case.

A Hartsville man, James Curtis Yates, 21, has been indicted on a felony murder and aggravated child abuse charge in the death of his girlfriend’s two-year-old son, Dani-e Coty Mills.

Yates had made a 911 call in February indicating his girlfriend’s son was not breathing. The child was transported to a Nashville hospital with injuries and died two days later. During the course of the investigation, agents determined that the child was in the sole care of James Yates, the mother’s then-boyfriend, at the time the injury was sustained.

He was arrested on Oct. 19 and charged. 

A person who leaves a child in the care of a person that beats a child to a point of serious injury and death should be charged right along with the person who did the beating.

Legislators with the help of the attorney general can surely find a way to deal with such cases.

I heard of a similar child beating case in an adjoining county several years ago where the child died. The mother of the child had a post on Facebook about it and a picture of herself in the arms of a friend crying and making remarks about her sweet child.

In my way of thinking she should have been charged for going off and leaving her child with a person she probably knew nothing about and probably barely knew.

But its done over this day and time without a second thought concerning the safety of the child. Surely there is a charge that will stick in this situation.

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