Purchase of three E911 dispatch consoles on agenda

Carroll County Legislative Body commissioners will be considering four resolutions when they meet Nov. 12 at 7 p.m. at the Office Complex.

The meeting is being held on the second Tuesday this month instead of the second Monday in respect to veterans due to Veterans Day.

One resolution concerns entering into an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement for impact payment between Carroll County Emergency Communications District (E911) and Carroll County for the purchase of three dispatch radio consoles for the county sheriff’s office.

E911 has recently had a console to malfunction, leaving the system with one console and a handheld portable radio as a backup.

E911 was established for the purpose of providing a system of emergency communications. When a caller dials 9-1-1, the person is immediately connected to a public safety answering point that quickly and efficiently assures that the appropriate emergency responders are timely notified.

In the Interlocal Agreement, E911 agrees to issue a one-time impact payment in an amount not to exceed $100,000 to the county sheriff to be used for the purpose as outlined in the agreement. E911 will assist with consultation in the planning and implementation stages of the process as it affects any and all 911 equipment to include, but not limited to: mapping system, computer-aided dispatch system, phone system, and recording system.

In the agreement, the county agrees to assume all responsibilities for future maintenance on the radio system and all components. In addition, the county will assume all responsibilities for assuring that the system will only be used as outlined in the 911 Revenue Standards, as provided by the Tennessee Emergency Communication Board as a permissible use of 911 revenue and it being determined by E911 that such expenditure would not impair the financial responsibility of the District.

The county is to reimburse the E911 District any funds received from any vendor and or manufacture of the components of the radio system due, but not limited to rebates and reimbursements.

The three other resolutions deal with appointments to the E911 Board.

Board members Danny Brawner and Terry Bradshaw who asked not to be reappointed are to be replaced with Joyce Noles and Adam Allen. Their terms will expire in Nov. 2023. Board member Larry Elliott is to be reappointed with his term expiring in Nov. 2023 as well.

Also on the agenda are the election of notaries, quarterly reports from the action of the Carroll County Indigent Care Board and a notification from the Comptroller’s office acknowledging the approval of the 2019-2020 county budget.

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