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7 Fulfilling Activities for Empty Nesters to Start Now

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School has just started up again, which means a lot of parents are now empty nesters for the first time. It can be quite difficult and saddening to have had children in your home for so many years and then to suddenly have a quiet home. To help you get used to a home without your children, we’ve come up with a few different activities for empty nesters to try. Hopefully these suggestions will help you breathe new life into your home—check them out!

Get Musical

One of our favorite ways to help you get reacquainted with yourself and with what makes you happy (not just what made your child happy) is to get musical. Whether it’s piano or guitar lessons or a few dance classes, there are plenty of ways to bring the joy of music into your life. Music is a wonderful way to release your emotions and connect with other people.

Try Crafting

There are so many reasons to start crafting, and for empty nesters, the benefits of crafting can play huge roles in shifting the atmospheres of their homes. Crafting provides so many people with instant gratification while simultaneously offering extremely therapeutic, transformative, and even financially lucrative results. Whether you want to try quilting for knitting, there are a lot of ways to get started!

Start a Blog

Blogging is a great hobby, and it’s also amazingly cathartic. The best part is, you can talk about whatever you need to! Not everything you write may be worthy of posting (venting isn’t the best way to gain followers), but staying honest and truthful about what’s meaningful to you is super-important. Better yet, if you end up really enjoying it, blogging can end up generating quite a profit for you.

Redecorate Your Home

Don’t redo your child’s room altogether, especially if they’re coming back for school breaks, but take advantage of the space you have. Redecorating is a great way to pass the time, as well. Start by thoroughly cleaning every room in the home, getting rid of unnecessary items (maybe try becoming a minimalist?), and then remodeling and redecorating. There’s never been a better time to complete this work!

Travel More

If you’re able to, traveling is a fantastic way to spend your time without your children. Now is a remarkable time to explore the various locations you’ve been dreaming of. Weekend trips are lovely, and you can end up experiencing some marvelous cultures, events, and atmospheres. Especially when the children are out of the house completely, traveling can help provide meaning and fulfillment to a lot of people’s lives.

Go Back to School

Again, this may not be possible for everyone, but if you’re able to, you should definitely pursue more education. Especially for individuals whose careers could benefit from a master’s degree or a PhD, going back to school can be quite beneficial. If you don’t want to go to that extreme, you can still take a few classes at your local community college and pursue knowledge you haven’t chased before.

Date Your Spouse Again

One of the best activities for empty nesters, dating your spouse again can do wonders for your general happiness and joy. With the kids gone, it’s the perfect time to reconnect with your spouse. When was the last time you had a truly romantic dinner or went on a romantic weekend getaway? Now’s the time to fall more deeply in love—take advantage of it.

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