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6 Things to Do Before Putting Your Home on the Market

A lot goes into selling your home, and the process takes a significant amount of time. Ideally, your house will find a buyer without sitting on the market for months. You have the best chance at selling success if you carry out all the necessary preparations before listing it. We’ve made a list of what to do before selling your house in order to help you get the fastest results.

1. Have it Inspected

Potential buyers will likely have an inspection completed before making their final decision. However, you want to stay ahead of the game by scheduling your own inspection before you list the house. Hidden dangers such as mold can cause the value of your home to take a hit. Prevent any future complications by tending to unseen issues beforehand.

2. Do Small Repairs

You should tend to things such as broken door handles, old caulk, or cracked windowsills accordingly. Although these aren’t necessarily expensive repairs, they can have a huge impact on how potential buyers will perceive your home.

3. Change the Lightbulbs

Replacing burnt-out lightbulbs is a no-brainer, but replacing every bulb in your home—even the working ones—may benefit you. This is because lighting plays a huge role in a room’s appearance. Whether your lights cast cool or warm tones will affect the visual appearance of the entire area. Carefully select the ones that will cast your room in the best light.

4. Put Items in Storage

There’s nothing quite like a crowded space to make buyers feel claustrophobic. When selling your home, you want to focus on making it seem as big as possible. If necessary, rent out a storage locker to put some of your furniture and clutter in.

5. Paint the Walls a Neutral Color

A bright blue or yellow wall can be fun if it suits your personal taste, but it likely won’t appeal to the majority of buyers. When people are looking for a home, they want a place that appears neutral so that they can imagine themselves living there. Strategically use beiges and grays to cover scuff marks and provide cohesion.

6. Optimize Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one of the most important things to pay attention to when selling your home. This is a buyer’s first impression, and you want them to want to go inside the house. At a minimum, keep your lawn mowed and free of clutter, and trim any shrubbery.

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