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6 Common Signs of an Unsafe Work Environment

Whether you work in a manufacturing plant or a high-rise in the city, your employer is obligated to provide you with a safe and secure workplace. Some people think “safe” is a variable that depends on the situation, but quite a few safety restrictions are required no matter what. Without these, you may find yourself in harm’s way. Learn a few of the most common signs of an unsafe work environment here. Remember—you should never tolerate threats to your safety.

Missing Personal Protection Equipment

Though it may seem unnecessary in a business setting, this is something every work environment should have. Helmets, gloves, and steel-toed boots are safety necessities in industries such as construction, and for office settings, this equipment should be available in case of disaster.

Lack of Signs

Any workplace that could pose a danger to workers and others around the area should have proper signage. Just as restaurants need to put up wet floor signs while employees are mopping, construction sites need to have signs for heavy machinery. This applies to unlit or missing exit signs as well. All of these impact someone’s safety, so if you notice that your workplace is not following these, then you must proceed with caution.

Noise Exposure

This problem is more of an issue in industrial settings, but it’s important for all businesses to keep in mind. If the noise levels are too high in the workplace, then injury is sure to result. If you’re unsure, then take a look at the different ways to measure noise in the workplace. If you feel as though this is a problem in your environment, then take the time to measure the noise.

OSHA Violations

OSHA is the governmental organization responsible for ensuring safety in the workplace, no matter where you work. You can find all their regulations online. If you find any OSHA violations in your work environment, then you know there’s a clear safety concern.

No Safety Training

In a similar vein, every workplace—especially those in construction, industrial, or manufacturing settings—must have safety training. Some work environments are inevitably safer than others, but safety training is still vital to workplace safety.

Unattended Electrical Issues

Unattended electrical issues are a big problem in the workplace. It’s important that all exposed wires and other issues are handled in a timely manner, as they can severely harm to employees. Make sure that an electrician handles these issues, not someone who’s unfamiliar with electrical work.

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