5 Useful Skills You Should Know Before Moving Out

Living on your own is an exciting, but nerve-racking, time. Mostly you are on your own and get to live your life according to your schedule. Whether you’ll have roommates, a pet, or are completely on your own, moving out means learning new things about yourself. Fortunately, these five useful skills you should know before moving out will help you on your new adventure.


This is a fundamental skill for anyone to know. As nice as eating out and getting delivery is, you must learn how to make yourself nutritious meals. It’s also much cheaper than those other choices. You can find plenty of cheap, quick-fix recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in cookbooks or online. If you’re feeling creative, take this time to practice your baking skills, too. Don’t be surprised if your first few meals don’t come out as nice as you’d like. With time and practice, you’ll make meals for yourself and your houseguests that will impress everyone.


You can’t rely on others to do your laundry for you. Doing your own laundry is a modern right-of-passage. It shows you can be independent and take care of yourself when it’s needed. Learn how to sort clothing, use detergent, use softener, and the different temperature settings, time, and spinning intervals on washing and drying machines. Don’t forget to learn about the different products to use in case of clothing stains or odors.

Home Maintenance

Cleaning, small repairs, and other basic maintenances are all part of independent living. Take time out of week to vacuum the floors, wipe down surfaces, and clean the rooms. Clean your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom first, since these are the most used rooms—but don’t neglect the other areas. It’s also important you know how to do basic maintenance, such as changing a lightbulb or unclogging a toilet. It’s a good idea to learn more advanced skills in case of an emergency. For example, lockpicking is a great skill to have in case you lock something important in your bedroom or car. Either way, these skills will ensure your home is clean, safe, and livable.


It’s crucial you know how to spend your money responsibly. Make yourself a monthly budget that lists your spending habits. Bills, food, and rent should all take priority on this list. Secondary expenses, such as entertainment or eating out, should still be utilized in your routine, but don’t prioritize these. These habits should be done as a reward, but only if you feel your spending is in check.

Time Management

A healthy work-life balance is the key to longevity. Divide your time between your work, interests, and fun activities. It’s okay to have fun, but it’s important you balance this out with work. After all, you need money to pay for rent. If you have extra money saved, then use it for recreational activities. Exercising, going to movies or concerts, or going to a restaurant or bar with friends are all great ways to relax and rejuvenate.

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