5 Things You Didn’t Know About Electric Cars

People often regard electric cars as the most environmentally friendly vehicle options on the market. This is one major benefit of electric cars, but the eco-friendliest car models have many more benefits worth considering as well. Here are five things you didn’t know about electric cars that can benefit you.

Less Expensive and Less Frequent Maintenance   

Electric engines require far fewer parts, and they don’t require oil. This means you won’t need to spend money on regular oil changes or other maintenance related to gas-consumption engines. Even the brake pads last longer in electric vehicles because they use regenerative braking, or a method of converting energy into stored power to reduce the speed of the car.  

You Can Get a Tax Credit for Driving Electric  

In many states, electric vehicle owners can get tax credits or rebates for making the switch to electric cars. This is part of many states’ efforts to reduce air pollution and vehicle emissions. The vehicle model and the state in which you reside will determine how much money you’ll see back in your pocket.   

Electric Cars Have More Space  

Electric vehicle powertrains require much less space than gas consumption vehicles. This gives the electric vehicle more space for a larger trunk or a roomier interior.  

Charging Isn’t That Complicated  

In past years, the downfall of electric vehicles was the availability of charging. Today, with the growth in popularity, charging stations for electric vehicles are beginning to pop up in more locations. Charging station availability has continuously grown year after year, making charging away from home a widely available option.   

You Can Bypass Rush Hour  

Last on the list of five things you didn’t know about electric cars is your right to skip traffic with HOV lanes. Some states have implemented special highway lanes called HOV lanes that only carpoolers or electric vehicle drivers are allowed to use, letting you fly by the rush hour traffic.

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