5 Exciting Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Having a birthday party for your son or daughter brings back a lot of memories. Think back to your own parties as a child, and all you should remember is how much fun you had, what kind of cake there was, and the presents. Parents have to plan and produce the day, so the kids don’t even know the hard work that happened. Before you have a house full of kids running around, take some time to plan out the party in its entirety. Make sure you have all your bases covered so that there are no surprises. Once the planning stage is near completion, brainstorm ideas and themes for the party. That is just about the most important decision. The party’s whole vibe depends on it. These birthday party ideas for kids are fun and will help everyone have a memorable day.

Have a Late-over

Instead of a sleepover, have a late-over. This is great for younger kids that might not be ready for a sleepover. Or, it’s good for older kids that you just don’t want to deal with overnight. Have everyone come over after dinner and have some more “grown-up” activities like a dance party, karaoke, or play outdoor games like hide and seek in the dark. There are endless possibilities.

Art Party

Only try this one if you’re ready and willing to deal with a colossal mess. Kids love to paint—whether it’s with their fingers or paintbrushes. Get some paints, paper or canvasses, and brushes and let them get creative. If you can, draw some of their favorite cartoon characters or superheroes on the canvasses and let them paint them in. Move the party outside if you can for ease of cleaning and to spare your floors.

Make it a Movie Night

Another nighttime option is a movie night. Let your child pick out their favorite movie or rent a new one and bring the gang over to watch it. Make some authentic movie-style popcorn and get some other snacks and drinks. Encourage everyone to dress in their most comfortable clothes and make blanket forts to watch from.

Mad Scientist Party

Every party doesn’t have to center around playing and watching movies. Have a mad scientist party and give the kids some fun and simple science experiments to do. Hand out lab coats and safety goggles so they feel like real scientists. Let them try some of the classic combinations, like Mentos in the two-liter of soda or baking soda and vinegar. They’ll love it.

Lego Party

This is a similar idea to the mad scientist in that it encourages creativity and working together. Most kids have a surplus of Legos around the house, so put them to use. Come up with ideas for the kids to build something that can join together and make one giant machine. Once they’re done playing, they can watch the Lego Movies.

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