4 Practical Gifts Any Quilter Will Appreciate

4 Practical Gifts Any Quilter Will Appreciate

As you get older, buying gifts for people turns into a real chore. However, if you know someone who loves to quilt, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Quilters, whether they’re your parent or your coworker, can always use more quilting supplies to enhance their current projects or inspire their next ones. Here are four practical gifts any quilter will appreciate to make your gift buying this year a little easier.

Quilting Kits for Beginners

If you’re shopping for a coworker who recently got into quilting, save them some stress and endless questions by buying a quilting kit. These kits are the “everything but the kitchen sink” of the quilting world. In this case, the kitchen sink is the sewing machine itself. Otherwise, kits contain preselected fabrics, batting, accessories, and instructions so that your crafty friend can get started on a pre-tested design with confidence.

Unique Pin Cushions and Needle Minders

A tried-and-true favorite of anyone who works with thread is the iconic pincushion. Most people picture the tomato with a small strawberry (or pepper) hanging from a string, but pincushions come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and designs. Some pincushions are even embroidered with a name for instant customization.

Needle minders are another fantastic and practical gift. These needle minders look like enamel pins, but they’re really magnets that can catch and hold the needle you’re crafting with at any given moment. This ensures that your needle doesn’t get lost in the carpet during the middle of a project.

Rulers, Rulers, and More Rulers

Rulers are one of the most relied-on tools by quilters, no matter how they do their projects. From high-tech machine quilters to year-long hand-pieced projects, rulers are crucial to getting these intricate designs just right. There are multiple different kinds of quilting rulers to choose from, but all shapes and sizes are welcome in a quilter’s collection.

Quilting Encyclopedias and Magazines

One of the most practical gifts that any quilter will appreciate is quilting literature. From books to magazines to full encyclopedias, there is a worldwide quilting culture out there to learn from. Quilting literature includes patterns, ideas, tips and tricks, and unique methods that help quilters at any skill level learn more about their art form. Just keep in mind that not everyone appreciates a surprise magazine subscription, so it’s best to ask if that’s the direction you’re considering.

It’s not that easy to get the scoop on exactly what supplies a hobbyist needs without asking directly. Fortunately, the quilting gifts on this list are always helpful to have around.

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