4 of the Most Important Tips for New Drivers

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There’s a lot to remember when you’re new to the road, but that doesn’t have to overpower your excitement for your newfound mobility. If you follow these most important tips for new drivers, you can be a safe and confident driver and still enjoy the freedom of your brand-new driver’s license.

Learn Your Local Laws

There are a lot of rules to learn, from vital national safety laws to standard driving courtesies. Every rule is important to keep in mind, but it’s a particularly good idea to look into the driving laws specific to your state. Every place has its own set of rules and consequences, and some states are stricter than others, so make sure you know what you’re facing before you hit the road.


Even after you’ve received your driver’s license, it’s still a good idea to practice, especially if you don’t drive regularly. Set aside some time to hit the road and hone your skills. Even if you drive daily, you can always practice the things you don’t do regularly, such as parking in tricky spots or driving in different weather conditions or terrains. The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll be—and being comfortable is important to being a good driver.

Get to Know Your Car

Speaking of getting comfortable, one of the most important tips for new drivers is for them to know their cars. Every vehicle drives differently, and knowing exactly how your car turns, your brake and acceleration times, and the parameters of your vehicle will make it easier for you to maneuver safely when you’re driving. You should also pay attention to your vehicle’s blind spots and adjust your mirrors, seat, and steering wheel to your comfort levels.

Avoid Bad Habits

Once you’re comfortable behind the wheel, you might think you can pick up your phone now and then or ditch the turn signal. You might get away with these things once in a while, but you should still avoid them so that they don’t become habits. (Plus, using your phone behind the wheel is illegal in many states and incredibly dangerous.) By always following the rules of the road, you’ll be the safest driver you can be.

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