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4 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Aquarium Size

Aquarium building is a beloved hobby by those wishing to bring a small part of nature into their own homes. It’s an incredibly effective way to beautify a space while paying homage to the underwater ecosystem. However, this process can also be very complex and require you to think carefully about a multitude of factors for your endeavor to be successful. Picking your tank size is one such consideration. These are a few tips for choosing the right aquarium size so that you can start your build off on the proper track.

Research the Different Types of Tanks

Aquarium tanks come in various shapes and offer an even larger range of sizes. As such, if you’re going to pick the right one for you, it’s crucial that you’re first aware of your options. For starters, the three most common types include show tanks (tall and narrow in shape), long tanks (shorter with a larger base area), and rectangular tanks. Each type creates a different footprint—therefore, it’ll play a major role in determining how much space you have to use in your home. So, make sure you choose your desired tank shape before committing to dimensions.

Know the Limitations of Certain Sizes

It’s also important that you’re aware of the functional limitations that come with certain sizes of aquarium tanks. Though it might seem like they would all run similarly on the surface, changes in water volume and overall space can make distributing nutrients properly a bit more difficult. For instance, water chemical levels can actually be harder to maintain in nano reef aquariums because fluctuation is easier when there are fewer gallons available. On the other hand, larger tanks are better at maintaining their chemical levels but harder to perform water changes and general maintenance on.

Consider the Marine Life You Want

Another important tip for choosing the right aquarium size is to think about the marine life you want to house in it. Certain species of fish, coral, and marine invertebrates can grow larger than others. This means that it’s easy to choose specimens that will quickly outgrow their environment and leave you with no healthier place to put them. For this reason, it’s vital that you take some time to research the types of creatures you want to house in your tank and how large they can get. This way, you can get an aquarium that’s guaranteed to fit them.

Only Use What You Can Afford To Keep

Most importantly, make sure that you purchase a tank that fits well within your budget to maintain. Larger tanks tend to be much more expensive because they use more water, chemicals, and tools to keep running. So, as much as you may want a gorgeous 100-gallon display, it may be better to start smaller for the initial build.

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