4 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your RV’s Exterior

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4 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your RV’s Exterior

When you go on adventures in your RV, you build memories that last a lifetime. But these excursions also leave marks on your RV’s exterior.

Boost the curb appeal of your home away from home. Try these four ways to upgrade your RV’s exterior.

1. Refresh Awnings

Awnings protect doors and windows from the rain. And patio awnings provide shade to create a comfortable outdoor living space. Keeping your awnings clean and tear-free will improve their function and the look of your RV.

You can refresh worn-out awnings by washing them with soap and water, rinsing them, and letting them dry in the sun. If your awnings have small gashes, you can repair them with a patch kit. But if your awning has a tear longer than two feet, you might need to replace the fabric.

2. Upgrade Lights

Install bright lights that welcome you back to your RV at night. Your outdoor lights keep you safe, preventing you from tripping while outside and deterring would-be intruders. Decorative outdoor lighting also helps create a relaxed mood.

If you drive an older vehicle, you can install LEDs for long-lasting, efficient light. And if you want to create a casual hangout, you can use solar or battery-powered lights, such as string lights.

3. Install Protective Materials

The third way you can upgrade your RV’s exterior is to install protective material along the bottom half of the walls. This area endures a lot. Your vehicle kicks up debris from the road or country trails, including rocks, sand, chemicals, and salt. This debris can scratch the paint or protective coating on your RV.

You can use something like diamond plate to stylishly safeguard your RV. Choose a diamond plate sheet supplier that offers quality products and friendly customer service. The right supplier can provide the material at the right thickness and in a color you like.

4. Repair Trim

The final tip for improving your RV’s exterior is to repair the trim. Whether it’s the roof trim, gutter trim, or awning trim, it will protect your RV from water damage. Well-maintained trim also looks great, whereas old or battered trim makes your vehicle look worn out. Repair your trim to avoid water damage and help your RV look its best.

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