30 pick up election petitions

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Seven have qualified

A total of 30 individuals had picked up election petition forms from the Carroll County Election Commission Office for either the May 3 primaries or the Aug. 4 general election as of press time Monday, according to Tom Ajancic, deputy administrator with the Election Commission.

Of those 30, Ajancic said that seven have gotten all the required signatures, returned their completed petitions and have been approved as qualifying candidates.

For the May 3 primaries, qualifying candidates include: Vickie Hodge Hoover (R), Chancellor, 24th Judicial District; John Brent Bradberry (R), Circuit Court Judge, 24th Judicial District Part 1; Terry J. Leonard (R), Circuit Court Judge, 24th Judicial District Part 2; Jeffrey Neil Thompson (R), District Attorney General, 24th Judicial District; Robert Gardner (R), Public Defender, 24th Judicial District; and James Ricky Scott, Road Supervisor (R), District 1.

Larry B. Spencer has qualified for the position of County Commissioner in District 3 for the Aug. 4 election.

Those who picked up petitions but have not yet qualified include:

•May 3 Primaries: Sarah Bradberry (R), Circuit Court Clerk; Patrick E. Lindsey (R), County Commissioner, District 1; Joseph Butler (R), County Mayor; Larry J. Logan (R), General Sessions, Juvenile Judge; Brandy K. Boyd (R), HR-B School Board, District 16 (Bruceton); Natalie McCullough Porter (D), Register of Deeds; David Glen Hilliard (R), West Carroll School Board, Old Atwood District; Patrick E. Lindsey (R), West Carroll School Board, Old County District.

•Aug 4 Elections: Rita E. Jones, Assessor of Property; Darlene S. Kirk, County Clerk; Thomas R. Goodwin, County Commissioner, District 4; Barry M. Murphy, County Commissioner, District 5; Jimmy D. McClure, County Commissioner, District 6; Manuel L. Crossno, County Commissioner, District 7; Deborah S. Broadbent, County School Board, District 2; Paula R. Bolen, County Trustee; Jeffrey Michael Graves, HR-B School Board, District 15; April M. Hampton, HR-B School Board, District 16 (At Large); Michael L. Kyle, Road Supervisor, District 2; Ronald A. Wade, Road Supervisor, District 2; Anthony R. Dickson, Sheriff; Jimmy D. McClure, South Carroll School Board; Kelly M. Weaver, West Carroll School Board, Old Trezevant District.

 February 17 is the deadline to qualify for both the May 3 primaries and the Aug. 4 elections, and the qualifying deadline to get on the November ballot is April 7.

In order to qualify, candidates must submit a petition that includes 25 signatures from voters registered in Carroll County in county-wide races or signatures from 25 registered voters who live in that specific district for district races.

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