3 of the Best Denture Alternatives To Consider

3 of the Best Denture Alternatives To Consider

Nothing hurts more than being denied a perfect smile and appearance by missing teeth. Loss of teeth can make one feel uncomfortable about their appearance. In addition, the loss can make it challenging to live a healthy and productive life.

Consequently, people with missing teeth constantly explore new ways to replace them. More often than not, dentists recommend dentures as an ideal solution for people with missing teeth.

But some people feel uncomfortable about dentures and are always searching for a better alternative. This is because dentures often cause discomfort to the user and make them appear older than they are, especially when performing daily tasks like eating and speaking.

What Are Some of the Best Alternatives to Dentures?

Are you self-conscious about your dentures? If yes, then this might be the ideal time to explore alternatives to dentures. There are several other options that you can check out, depending on your case. Your dentist will take you through the various available options and help you choose one that is most suited for you. Dental bridges, dental implants, and over-dentures are the most widely used alternatives to dentures.

That said, here are some of the best denture alternatives to consider.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most common tooth replacement alternative for dentures. They are simply titanium structures that dentists fuse into a patient’s jawbone. They serve as supports for prosthetic teeth. Once a dentist anchors the fixtures, it takes a span of three to six months to integrate with your jawbone before you can reap the benefits of this tooth-replacement option.

There are several benefits to dental implants. They are long-lasting, making them one of the most durable on this list of the best alternatives to dentures to consider. Dental implants can last for a lifetime if the patient maintains the prescribed care measures. Since dentists fix them in place, routine activities—such as talking, chewing, eating, and others—will also be comfortable to perform.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to note that implants are not for everyone. An ideal candidate for implants should have healthy gums and sufficient supporting bones. If you meet these criteria, you can depend on dentures to replace the missing teeth and reclaim your gorgeous smile.

Dental Bridges

These tooth replacement solutions are for persons with only one tooth missing. Dental bridges offer several benefits. Crowns or dental implants on either side can anchor dental bridges. The key benefit of dental bridges is that they remain in place while one performs various tasks, such as eating, talking, and smiling, as is the case with dentures.


Overdentures are more applicable in cases where one loses multiple teeth. They differ from dentures because dental implants or neighboring teeth anchor overdentures in place. Dentures, on the contrary, are anchored by adhesives. This makes overdentures a more secure and solid teeth replacement option. They are firmly held in place and do not slip away when communicating or eating, as is the case with dentures. Dentists also admit that overdentures can help the jawbone because they are firmly attached, thus forestalling bone loss. They also play a critical role in warding off any more damage to the jawbone.

The above mentioned are some of the most commonly used alternatives for dentures. To find out which option is best suited for you, contact your dentist.

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